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Re: Install Problem

Answering my own question ... hee hee ...

On slackware 9.0 ... when I use the precompiled binaries
OR compile emacspeak from source I get this funky message

undefined symbol: __gxx_Personality_V0

When trying to tcl the outloud server.

The problem is that the Makefile for linux-outloud does
not default to the C++ runtimes. I added the flag -lstdc++
in the Makefile, recompiled linux-outloud, and it works ...

I modified line 13 in the Makefile residing in
to look like this:

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -g -o $@ tcleci.o -ltcl -ldl -shared -lstdc++

That last flag -lstdc++ is what was added.
Without that flag, the make appears to work,
but when you run the server you get

undefined symbol: __gxx_Personality_V0

Because it's not linked against g++.
Bug? Feature? <g>

Anyways, it works now ...

   -- Doug

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