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Problems when using XAE

Hello all,

As someone here ever try to use  XAE on Emacs with Emacspeak ? For those
who  don't know  what  is XAE,  it's  an XML  authoring environment  for
Emacs. This package seems to be very interesting but I encounter problem
when trying to use it. 
For example I  can't use the XAE menus. Here are  some messages I obtain
when tring to use the menus :
If I choose Preferences in the  XAE menu I obtain the following messages
in the  "messages" buffer :  tmm-prompt: Wrong type  argument: commandp,
another example : if I try to load the xae-menu by typing M-x xae-menu I
obtain the following message :
ad-Orig-execute-extended-command:  xae-menu must  be bound  to  an event
with parameters
Now if I try to load  "xae-help-xae" by typing M-x xae-help-xae I obtain
call-interactively:    Symbol's    value    as   variable    is    void:
etc, etc ... 

So I think that  perhaps I must nstall other thing in  order to have XAE
running  properly but  what ?  As I'm  very newbie  on Emacs,  it's very
difficult for me to  determine what I must do to in  order to solve such
so, if you have an idea ? 
Thanks in advance. 


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