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Re: espeakf experiences (was Re: Best advice for new user)

[I have been referring to the /usr/bin/ but the eflite docs refer to 

   I think that eflite default configuration make the command "make
   install" put it in /usr/local/bin.

Yes, that is where "make install" puts it.  In the Makefile, the 
exec_prefix is /usr/local/.

And indeed, this is the way it should be:  only after eflite becomes a
standard part of a distribution should the executable be put into

Interestingly, I have the identical eflite executable in both my
/usr/bin/ and /usr/local/bin/ directories!  I wonder what I did?

I will change the Texinfo source to refer to /usr/local/bin/ in the
appropriate places rather than to /usr/bin/.  That is a good idea.

I will leave the regular Emacspeak start command in /usr/bin/ since
that is the right place for it, but put the



commands into /usr/local/bin/ since that is the right place for them.
Also, I will change the path of the eflite executable to point to

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