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Re: Rewrite of "advice for new user"

Dear listers! I am sorry for publishing this private message on the
list. I am new to linux and still have problem configuring my mail
properly. As a result, some serveces refuse to accept my mail.

Hello, Robert! Thank you for your message. My English is not so good
as i wish it to be, so i want to make something clear to avoid any

>>>>> "RJC" == Robert J Chassell <bob@rattlesnake.com> writes:

RJC>    Again, i like what you are doing, and it inspired me to do
RJC> something similar for Russian users of Emacspeak.

RJC> Great!

RJC> Also, Pierre Lorenzon <lorenzon@math.u-psud.fr> just wrote that
RJC> he has made emacspeak speak both French and English with the
RJC> festival speech synthesizer and the Mbrola voices.

My ambitions do no go so far! First off all, i am not a programmer. I
have no idea  of how to make such a job. Though to make a Russian
voice database for mbrola is a marvellous idea! But as far as i know,
there is nobody ready to undertake this project.

When i said that i want to do "something similar" i just meant writing
some introductory hints for using emacspeak. 

I am a newbye to linux. I installed and started using it just in
February. I am using emacspeak with a so called 'multilingual
server'. It was written by one of the Russian programmers, who also
wrote a Russian tts engine for it. This server uses freephone&mbrola
for English and ru_tts for Russian. Moreover, that person also
produced a special installation cd-rom called 'slackspeak'. On that
disk one would find pre-installed, ready to use, speech-enabled linux
system. It uses emacspeak as a speech interface and uses only software
synth for output. If the system fails to recognize your sound card,
the output is directed to the pc-speaker. You can either boot directly
from that cd or start it from dos promt. Therefore, learning both
linux and emacspeak was not so difficult for me as it may be for many
other folks, since i had ready to use system to practise.

If you are interested in using Russian in emacspeak then go to the
following ftp site:


In projects/speech-intrface/ subdirectory you will find the source
code of the tts and speech server. On that site you also can find
precompilled binaries for slackware. But i noticed, that you are using
debian, so you can have a look in debian-packages subdirectory. But
since i am not using debian myself, i don't know what you will find
there. Have a look at readme.en files in every subdirectory to find
out what is there.

.  RJC> Could you do that for Russian?  

Sorry, i can't! (see above). But i really want. The problem is,
however, that i do not have enough knowlege.

RJC> I last studied Russian in 1964 and have forgotten almost
RJC> everything.  I would love to listen to Russian and perhaps
RJC> relearn it.  For me the key would be listening and learning the
RJC> proper stresses (as well as relearning 
RJC> vocabulary).

Very interesting! If you get your emacspeak working with Russian, then
we could talk in Russian by email?!

With the best wishes,

Sergey Fleytin.

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