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strange reaction with emacspeak18 and ffap

probably being triggered by the new voice lock engine 
in the context of overlays.

Please enumerate the exact steps needed to reproduce the problem,
including the specific customization for ffap.
I use ffap but I probably have highlighting turned off.
>>>>> "Yvonne" == Yvonne Thomson <yvonne@thewatch.net> writes:

    Yvonne> Hi.  I was wondering if anyone else has this problem? I'm
    Yvonne> using ffap.el which is find-file-at-point, in emacs
    Yvonne> 21.2.2. Since I upgraded to emacspeak18, there seem to be
    Yvonne> some issues with it.

    Yvonne> By default, it looks like it highlights the URL it's found
    Yvonne> in the buffer, then runs browse url.

    Yvonne> When you first run it, it does this, and brings up the web
    Yvonne> page or file at point.

    Yvonne> If you run it again, however, you get an error
    Yvonne> emacspeak-personality-remove: Wrong type argument:
    Yvonne> integer-or-marker-p, nil

    Yvonne> Obviously this has something to do with the highlighting
    Yvonne> code in ffap. It looks like it uses overlays to do the
    Yvonne> highlighting. So I guess somewhere the code that's meant
    Yvonne> to map personalities to overlays in emacspeak's getting
    Yvonne> confused. A temporary fix is, I think, to disable
    Yvonne> highlighting in ffap.

    Yvonne> What I can't figure out is, one, why the heck it only
    Yvonne> happens after ffap's been run once, and two, how the heck
    Yvonne> to fix it.

    Yvonne> Anyone got any ideas?

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