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personalities and voice fonts

Here is how it works.

0) All the new voice lock voices use ACSS.

1) For each variation e.g. voice-bolden,
there is a corresponding voice-bolden-settings 
and that is what you should be customizing 
2) You may need to reload packages that have already been loaded for
some of these to take effect.

voice-bolden in my environment is a variable whose value is 
the corresponding voice-bolden-settings is 
(nil 1 6 6 nil)

>>>>> "Yvonne" == Yvonne Thomson <yvonne@thewatch.net> writes:

    Yvonne> Hi all.  I know, I know, I just asked a question here, but
    Yvonne> I'm confused.

    Yvonne> I'm trying to understand the new speech engine, but I'm
    Yvonne> obviously missing something vital. Can someone please help
    Yvonne> me understand this?  I've gone into the customize group
    Yvonne> for voice-fonts. I'm using viavoice outloud, and to me,
    Yvonne> the voice-bolden setting's just too low. So I decide to
    Yvonne> change the value so I can actually understand it. I don't
    Yvonne> think I really understand the values, so I experiment a
    Yvonne> bit, and eventually find by trial and error that by
    Yvonne> bumping the average pitch value up to 4, I end up with
    Yvonne> something I can live with.

    Yvonne> Fare enough, I understand that much. What I *don't* get is
    Yvonne> how the personalities work with this. Looking at the code
    Yvonne> for w3m, for example, w3m-anchor-personality is set to
    Yvonne> "voice-bolden", so why doesn't anything I change in
    Yvonne> voice-bolden effect w3m-anchor-personality? And on a
    Yvonne> slightly different note, why does the customize buffer
    Yvonne> translate "voice-bolden" into what I think are the voice
    Yvonne> style-sheet values for voice-bolden? I mean, I can change
    Yvonne> w3m-anchor-personality manually, but I'm almost sure
    Yvonne> that's not how it's meant to work.

    Yvonne> As you can probably tell, I'm a bit lost. How about a
    Yvonne> complete idiots guide to the new voice engine to make it
    Yvonne> so simple even I can understand it? <grin>.

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