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personalities and voice fonts

Hi all.

I know, I know, I just asked a question here, but I'm confused.

I'm trying to understand the new speech engine, but I'm obviously
missing something vital. Can someone please help me understand this?
I've gone into the customize group for voice-fonts. I'm using viavoice
outloud, and to me, the voice-bolden setting's just too low. So I decide
to change the value so I can actually understand it. I don't think I
really understand the values, so I experiment a bit, and eventually find
by trial and error that by bumping the average pitch value up to 4, I
end up with something I can live with.

Fare enough, I understand that much. What I *don't* get is how the
personalities work with this. Looking at the code for w3m, for example,
w3m-anchor-personality is set to "voice-bolden", so why doesn't anything
I change in voice-bolden effect w3m-anchor-personality? And on a
slightly different note, why does the customize buffer translate
"voice-bolden" into what I think are the voice style-sheet values for
voice-bolden? I mean, I can
change w3m-anchor-personality manually, but I'm almost sure that's not
how it's meant to work. 

As you can probably tell, I'm a bit lost. How about a complete idiots
guide to the new voice engine to make it so simple even I can understand
it? <grin>.

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