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dtk-soft question

Hello list, I have just installed emacspeak and I can not get the 
dtk-soft server to communicate with the DECtalk software synthesizer.  
I can send 
text to the synthesizer using the 'say' program which comes with it but 
the emacspeak server fails to do anything.  
When I go into the '/usr/share/emacs/site-list/emacspeak/servers' 
directory and type 'tcl dtk-soft' I get 'Calling tts startup.' and 
nothing happens.  What variables or libraries am I missing?  The 
following emacspeak variables are in my /etc/profile file.  
export EMACSPEAK_DIR=/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak
export DTK_PROGRAM=dtk-soft
When I first tried to run the server it complained that it could not 
find 'tcldtk.so'.  I then put a link into /usr/local/lib and ran 
'ldconfig' to update the libraries.   If it makes any difference I am 
running Slackware 9.0, emacs 21.2, and emacspeak 18.0 compiled from 
sources.  If there is any more information needed please let me know.  I 
am really looking forward to getting this working.  If there is any 
documentation on this please let me know also.  I am generally terrible 
at reading docs.  

Thanks in advance, 

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Doug Lawlor <dlawlor@warp.nfld.net>

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