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[raman@aster.pacbell.net: Re: emacspeak causes gnus not to work]

This letter came in from T. V. Raman from an alternet
address.  -Greg

---- Begin included message ----
Tim -- Advice itself is quite robust with regard to working  in terms of
advice being loaded before the definition of the function being advised.

The two places you will have trouble if emacspeak loads too late --and
you might well ahve trouble in other spots two;-) are --

0) The mapping etween speech enabling modules and packages wont be
set up in time, and as a result you wont get a package speech enabled

1) Functions whose interactive prompts need to be speech enabled wont
be speech enabled.  Also, if some other package itself uses advice
--emacspeak may not work correctly.  The final  bullet above was never
really an issue until recently since no other major package used advice
--but some new packages like ECB do use advice.

The advice design is robust enough for the  ecb and  emacspeak advice
to co-exist --but you're still safer having emacspeak load first.

---- End included message ----

 Greg Priest-Dorman

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