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seeking comparison of Cepstral+eflite and Phonix

Just about says it really.  
It's time to move away from Viavoice, much as I've liked it for the
past few years.  
Two obvious alternatives seem to be the cepstral voices combined with
eflite or the phonix Dec-talk implementation.  
Has anyone used both of these? 
some criteria I would value highly are
responsiveness (essential)
Compatibility with new systems, especially ALSA (essential) 
quality (highly desirable) 
multi-lingual  capability (desirable) 
Source code (desirable)  

Obviously not all these are applicable to both, e.g. one would
presumably be adding other voices to eflite to get multi-lingual
support and I understand the source issue with the phonix server.  

Any other alternatives I should consider?  
Peter Rayner

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