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trplayer and realaudio puzzle

I managed to get trplayer and ralplayer installed and working on this
system at least to the point they'll play the Fresh Air interview sent as
part of the emacspeak package.  There were some pauses while the playing
happened.  realplayer when it installed also complained about dependencies
so I used the --nodeps option for the install.  This was done on a
slackware 9_0 system.  So I'm wondering if clearing up these dependencies
would help or is it best to leave those alone.  As correlary to that
problem, what packages is slackware missing that will clear these
dependencies once installed?  The realplayer installation told me about
several object files but made no mention of packages.  Finally, is there
some way rpm can be run to tell it install this package and if you find
you need other packages go and install them first.  Buffering percentages
went all over the place on the screen too.

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