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emacspeak-daisy and Daisy3 from book-share

Now that there are  more Daisy3 books available --primarily from
book-share (note that these are still not fully Daisy3 compatible but
they are getting there)--
I've updated emacspeak-daisy.el in CVS for use with these books.

What you get:

For the OReilly books which has logical structure you can hit enter on
any entry in the nav-center to open that section.
Warning --do not hit the "start" link since this will open the entire
book, and depending on your machine might take a while. 

For books that have no logical structure --the nav-center is not very
useful --clicking on the entries will  just show you the page number
--this is an unfortunate consequence of the Daisy3 design which uses
element  <pagenum> to mark page boundaries; the navigation files from
O'Reilly point at the pagenum element, --in Daisy3 there is no
container element that holds the contents of an entire page.

For such books, you can hit 'P' (cap P) in the nav-center and specify
a page  range to view.


Best Regards,

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