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I'm a newbie to the list and ditto to linux and especially Emacspeak.

I'm a so-called IT Technician, but that is stepping users through the
vagaries of Win2000, ditto office/outlook/anything they have to click.

I did Unix via a terminal at Uni' 10 or so years ago and not had
practice since.  I didn't grow up in the web environment either, so it
isn't my strong suit...   yet I suppose I should add.
However, I would first appreciate, if I could so impose on the
generosity of a kind soul here; for a .txt copy of the FAQ for this
list or as I know exists, Emacspeak in particular.

I don't mind ftp as I can script that, even in this Windows. Details
of an ftp download site would be most useful too.

I have a machine ready to install on, have a CD set of Slackware 9
which appears to have a copy of Emacspeak under the "Extras" folder,
but can't determine what version.  I have also pulled off, ok, Mrs
pulled off a recent copy of Festival from Edinburgh University, so I
am hoping I have enough to get a working system...   working?

Please - confirm, deny or otherwise advise as you see fit; tia.


.....     or someone very like me!

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