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!Using an Apollo II synth'?

Pardon for the cross posting, but desperation for an answer pressures
me into taking actions I don't normally do.

I've looked in the Blinux FAQ and the Emacspeak Howto and still don't
get an absolute reference (that works) for the following items to get
started with:-

A boot disk for Slackware9 using Speakup and the afore mentioned
Apollo II.

In like manner, I can't find absolute reference to the driver/speech
engine as the add-on or pre-requisite for Emacspeak to use the same
Apollo II.

I prefer FTP sites, but any direct reference to either or both of
these resources would be most appreciated.

While I'm here, is there going to be possible conflict between the
Speakup and Emacspeak?  or, presumably, this is got around by
disabling the one prior to running the latter.

Tia,        GA!

.....     or someone very like me!

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