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flite and eflite problems cleared on slackware 9_0

Earlier I had sent email to the emacspeak list because I couldn't get
flite-1.2-release or eflite-0.36 to build on slackware 9_0 and thought it
might be because of gcc 3.22.  Thanks to awb@cs.cmu.edu is due because it
was Allen who sent me some commands to fix at least one and possibly two
system configuration problems.  I don't know how or why this was done, but
when the computer s5ore installed slackware for me on this new hard drive,
they didn't make me a swap file and enable swap space.  It turns out I
needed a count=400000 to get flite and eflite to compile on this system
with 128mb of memory.  Once that problem was handled both applications
built successfully.  This in itself is good news, but brings up a question
in my mind.  Does Linux software exist that can check an installation and
point out problems like this say perhaps along with faq and or howto
documents to read so a user can make suggested fixes?  As a home user I
had all normally visible services turned off for security and this
installation has been very problem free with this exception so far.
Alternatively I suppose a configure file could check for a missing or
deficient swapfile and take necessary action in order to build its
application but checking a whole system for one file wouldn't be a nice
thing to do to any author of a configure file.

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