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Re: software dectalk tones


Indentation is fine, I already have it spoken.  It's the other tones, such as when deleting or reading the mode line.

I think the easiest solution for now is to edit the dtk-soft script and make the tones do nothing.



On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 09:13:35AM +1000, Tim Cross wrote:
> There is an option within emacspeak to use spoken indent indicator
> rather than tone. Use customize to set this. e.g.
> M-x customize-group <ret> emacspeak-speak <ret>
> then go to the emacspeak indentation method item and set it to
> speak. Save the changes and you should be done.
> Tim
> >>>>> "Robert" == Robert Murray <rob@mur.org.uk> writes:
>  Robert> Hi I've noticed a rather annoying problem with the software
>  Robert> dectalk.  There is a delay before it plays tones.  This is
>  Robert> not an emacspeak problem, because it happens with the say
>  Robert> command and the demo program as well.  Are other people
>  Robert> experiencing this?
>  Robert> Is there an easy way to turn off tones in emacspeak?  This
>  Robert> problem makes things like reading the mode line and switching
>  Robert> buffers very slow to respond.
>  Robert> Apart from this problem, the software dectalk is working
>  Robert> really well, and it's great not to have to carry the dectalk
>  Robert> express arround with me.
>  Robert> Cheers
>  Robert> Rob
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