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Availability of Emacspeak

This isn't even a "newbie query"; rather a "wannabie query"!

I am a legally blind person who is getting a little bit frustrated about
ever getting Emacspeak working on my Linux PC! 
The Emacspeak home page on the web led me to a HOWTO install page which
talked of IBM ViaVoice SDK and RTK packages. Neither were available on
the linked sites. Finally I decided to download Emacspeak-14.0 from the
cornell ftp site. Reading the doc files, Makefile etc I began to suspect
that it was based on a piece of hardware called DECtalk
Express. (Confirmation of this followed *after* joining this list and
reading the old letters from Dr. Raman.) 
	When I asked my "linux guru" about dectalk he warned me that DEC
had been bought out by Compaq which had been bought up by HP and that
the ISA connection I spoke of (based on my reading the archives) is an
obsolete standard. After several days of searching I finally found a
letter in this list,  dated May 31, 2003 which suggested that Dectalk Express might be
unavailable! So is Emacspeak no longer an option for me? Could someone
please tell me.

Sorry for the whining!

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