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installing with external synth (apollo)

This is a SW9 install of the Linux and I think the cd contained
emacspeak version 16.0?  does that sound right?  I remember something
like that in an awfully long file name which has bugged me all day
having to retype it and picking through it each time.  However, there
was also an emacspeak-ss-1.91*.tgz with the bits for the external
synthesizers.  I have applied installpkg to it, I've done the gzip and
tar things on it....   then what?  The docs refer to a "configure" and
I've never found it, where does it hide all this.  I have been known
to find the install and usr directories and the latter had
documentation on how to now install it.  I've never known
documentation appear so damnably vague whilst appearing to be so


.....     or someone very like me!

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