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Re: Switching to apropos buffer

Christopher Moore writes:
 > Hello,
 > This one must have a simple answer.  When I do a c-h a and enter something
 > like switch<ret>,
 > I get an appropos buffer but can't figure how to get into it.  If I do a
 > c-x b, the appropos buffer does not show in the list of possible choices.  I could
 > read the window with c-e c-n, but that doesn't put me in the buffer.  

C-x o will switch to the other window; C-x C-b will give you a buffer
list including the apropos buffer. Note the difference between C-x b
and C-x C-b.

Another suggestion: spend some time with the Emacs manual if you
haven't done so recently. C-h i will place you in the Info system
where the full documentation for Emacs and other software packages

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