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Re: Dec talk express

On Wed, 2003-08-20 at 16:44, Sina Bahram wrote:
> Hello, I am planning on downloading the RedHat 9 images from the Redhat
> website and installing it with some sited assistance. I believe that
> EmacSpeak comes built in with RedHat 9, is this correct? Also, I have a
> dectalk express and was wondering what I should do to enable Redhat to
> work with it? and if EmacSpeak does come built in, is that the latest
> version of EmacSpeak?

I believe the version is emacspeak-17.0-4.

> I have seen setups with the dectalk express that allow the entire
> console to be read to the blind user, without the use of emacspeak, how
> is this possible, and could anyone point me to some documentation on how
> to achieve this? 

Here is the link for speakup:

> Also, how would I go about having emacspeak use the
> dectalk express as a synthesizer.

Emacspeak supports that, but I will have to find the procedure...

Alvin Smith <email@alvinsmith.com>

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