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emacspeak and dtk-soft problem

I can't seem to get dtk-soft to automatically start when I run emacspeak.

I've set the environment variable, tried running with "emacspeak -d" and
all other manner of ways, but it just won't work.

The "say" program works fine.  Switching to the external DECTalk Express also
works fine, and I can make it run at startup without any problems.  Loading
dtk-soft after emacspeak is running also works fine every time, but that
does not do a lot of good for my visually-imparied user.  I need it to
start automatically.

Often when I start it up I get a little croak and it starts to say "via..."
and then dies.  So something is working, but not correctly.

I've tried emacspeak-17.0 and 18.0.  Same problem.

The ONLY thing I can find is that when I run the "dtk-soft" program from
the command line (which works fine), I get:


# ./dtk-soft
Calling tts startup.
tts startup returned 0


Notice no "tcl>" prompt.  I then can type "exit" to leave the program; calling
it with "tcl ./dtk-soft" does the same thing.  It gives me the speech and
everything just fine.

Any suggestions?  I've been working on this for over a day with no progress.

The machine is running RedHat 9, tcl 8.3, tclx 8.3.88, emacspeak-18.0


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