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Newbie problem

Hi all,

I have installed emacspeak with IBMViavoice.IBMViavoice is working
fine,where as emacspeak isn't.IT speaks the startup message and then
nothing.pressing C-h C-e hangs it.
I noticed that if now i kill all Tcl processes i.e killall tcl.The help is
restored and now emacspeak starts reading lines.But it again stops
arbitrarily and i have to again kill the tcl to get it working and this
happens all the time.

I m dying to use more features of emacspeak,someoneplz help me out to get
it working correctly.
I m using RHL 7.2/IBM viavoice /Emacspeak 15.0

thanks and regards.

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On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Hugh Esco wrote:

> Hey folks:
> I just wrote to Adam, in response to his very first outgoing emails:
> >We need to figure out how to configure View Mail so that it provides the 
> >correct return address.  Its sending stuff out as ashapiro@shapiro, which 
> >is not a valid email address outside of your own machine.  We need to set 
> >it to read: shapiro@greens.org, which is where you get your email, so 
> >folks will know where to write you back.  I'll take a look at that on my 
> >next visit.
> He is using Debian Woody, fetchmail to retrieve and I'd guess sendmail to 
> access a smtp server for the outgoing.  This is the first linux email 
> installation I have set up without benefit of all the graphical tools and 
> clients that are normally available to me.  Any help in understanding how 
> and where I should make this configuration change would be greatly 
> appreciated.
> On another matter, I just sent in a subscription request for Adam from my 
> own email address.  I hope I got that right.  He'd really like to get in 
> the loop on this list, but is still struggling with the outgoing 
> emails.  Whoever minds those list requests:  Please cooperate with us on 
> this end run around the usual process.  Feel free to call Adam at 
> 404-874-3005 to confirm if necessary.  He's now regularly reading, wanting 
> more, and learning to respond.  Last night's on-phone tutorial was about 
> filing his email in folders and deleting materials from his mbox.  On my 
> next visit, I hope to set him up with bbdb, as well, to help him with an 
> address book.
> Thanks,
> -- Hugh Esco
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