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Re: Different voices and menu speaking

Am Sonntag, 7. September 2003 22.11 schrieb Kalyan Mukherjea:
> Hello,



>  > 2. The normal menu reading is painful. For instance "F equal equal
>  > greater than File E equal equal greater than Edit etc. so I put the
>  > option (global-voice-lock-mode t)
>  > into my .emacs file. But strangely the new reading (F <pause> File   E
>  > <pause> Edit etc.) works with the second selection of the menu (F10)
>  > foremost. What
> Where do these commands for reading the menu come from? I haven't yet
> _thorougly_ studied/heard the info documentation and probably it'll take
> months to do so. Perhaps "foxman" would be kind enough to enlighten
> another "newbie"?

Sure, but, if I understand you correct, I already wrote the answer to your 
Create a file .emacs in your home directory and put it the following line:
(global-voice-lock-mode t)
But as I said already it seems to work only after the second F10 ;-()

> Thanks.
> Kalyan


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