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Auditory icons (again!)

I had spoken too soon when I wrote in last week saying theat auditory
icons were working. 

To recap: I had done M-x customize group <RET> emacspeak and set the 
Emacspeak Auditory Icon Function to emacspeak-native-auditory-icon and
after checkin that this worked fine, saved it for future sessions. This
put the following line in my customization file:
 '(emacspeak-auditory-icon-function (quote emacspeak-native-auditory-icon))

  (I have a separate file where customize saves my preferences) When I
  next launched Emacspeak, no matter what I did, I'd get the message
  "cannot open file" and there was no way of doing anything other than
  C-x C-c! Then I opened my customization file with Emacs (no speak),
  deleted the offending line and now Emacspeak was again
  functional. After I turned on icons again, I tried to find out via C-h
  C-a what this `native function" was. This is what I got:


emacspeak-native-auditory-icon is a compiled Lisp function in `emacspeak-sounds'.
(emacspeak-native-auditory-icon SOUND-NAME)

Play auditory icon using native Emacs player.


What is going on? Is there any way of avoiding hving to setting the
function for "current session" every time I start Emacspeak?


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