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Auditory icons (again!)


Why do yu want to use that function for your auditory icons?

Have you got native sound support compiled into emacs 21? As far as i
know, there are no emacs pacages distributed with any Linux
distributions which have native sound support compiled in. This means
that if you want to use this function, you need to re-compile emacs 21
with sound support.

Have a look at the emacspeak-sounds.el file and work out which
function fits with your installation/configuration.

>>>>> "Kalyan" == Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyanm@cal.vsnl.net.in> writes:

 Kalyan> Hi, I had spoken too soon when I wrote in last week saying
 Kalyan> theat auditory icons were working.

 Kalyan> To recap: I had done M-x customize group <RET> emacspeak and
 Kalyan> set the Emacspeak Auditory Icon Function to
 Kalyan> emacspeak-native-auditory-icon and after checkin that this
 Kalyan> worked fine, saved it for future sessions. This put the
 Kalyan> following line in my customization file:
 Kalyan> '(emacspeak-auditory-icon-function (quote
 Kalyan> emacspeak-native-auditory-icon))

 Kalyan>   (I have a separate file where customize saves my
 Kalyan> preferences) When I next launched Emacspeak, no matter what I
 Kalyan> did, I'd get the message "cannot open file" and there was no
 Kalyan> way of doing anything other than C-x C-c! Then I opened my
 Kalyan> customization file with Emacs (no speak), deleted the
 Kalyan> offending line and now Emacspeak was again functional. After
 Kalyan> I turned on icons again, I tried to find out via C-h C-a what
 Kalyan> this `native function" was. This is what I got:

 Kalyan> =======================================================

 Kalyan> emacspeak-native-auditory-icon is a compiled Lisp function in
 Kalyan> `emacspeak-sounds'.  (emacspeak-native-auditory-icon
 Kalyan> SOUND-NAME)

 Kalyan> Play auditory icon using native Emacs player.

 Kalyan> [back]
 Kalyan> =======================================================

 Kalyan> What is going on? Is there any way of avoiding hving to
 Kalyan> setting the function for "current session" every time I start
 Kalyan> Emacspeak?

 Kalyan> Thanks.  Kalyan

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