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Auditory Icon Function

Hi Cheryl, Tom, and the rest of the list,

Cheryl: you had suggested I add 
(setq toggle-auditory-icons t)

But this leads to the message
Void Function definition
at start-up.

Tim, you had suggested after saving my choice
emacspeak-native-auditory-icon-function for future sessions, I ought to
try C-h v and see what the function is set to. As I had said in my last
posting, if I restart emacspeak after saving my choice for future
sessions and quitting, Emacspeak becomes useless. Any command at all
yields "Cannot find sound file, no such file or directory". I have to
quit (C-x C-c) and take out the line added by  customize to my
"custom-file" using plain 
emacs(no speak) and then restart emacspeak.

My custom-file certainly gets loaded:
   1.  I have taken the -q flag out of
the script which starts emacspeak;
    2. My .emacs file starts off:
;-*- Mode: Emacs-Lisp -*-
(setq custom-file "~/emacspeak.el")
(load-file "emacspeak.el")

In fact, if the file was not loaded, then the problem (not being able to
do _anything_) would not sppear!

Tim: your hunch that emacs is not sound enabled is to me, at
least, demonstrably false, since emacspeak character, word echo etc and
auditory icons, start-up icon are playing. It is simply that emacspeak
can't figure out where a cetain sound file is. 

I had mentioned that my emacspeak got installed in
/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp (there was no directory emacs under
/usr/share before I built emacspeak) while  my emacs lives in
/usr/local/share/emacs. Could this cause a problem? I could try to
reinstall emacspeak forcing it to install in
but then I recall the engineers' maxim: "If it ain't broken, don't fix

The troble is that I am not sure if emacspeak is broken or not!

Further ideas will be gratefully received.

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