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speech servers question


I have been experementing with speech servers recently.  cepstral,
eflite   and also a version of outloud running in a chroot to get
around recent libc6 incompatibility with viavoice.  

I also noticed the function in eflite-voices.el that is used to switch
to using the eflite server.

My question is this.  Why do you require a tcl process to launch the
speech servers.  Given that they are executable scripts would it not
be possible to simply launch them directly rather than from tcl.  If
this was the case then it would be possible to run eflite and other
speech servers not written in tcl without special setup.

Is there some reason that tcl is necessary that I am not aware of?

My other question is does anyone know anything about speechworks
version of elequence for linux.  It seems that there is one well at
least there is a gnome-speech driver for such a beast.  I haven't been
able to find any real info on the net about it though. 

Perhaps if it exests then the libraries are more up to date than the
ibm viavoice ones. 


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