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speech servers question

if you're asking why the speech servers are launched as 
<interp> script e.g.
tcl dtk-exp --as opposed to just making dtk-exp executable, I think
it's mostly historical at this point.

>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Bunting <bart@urnet.com.au> writes:

    Bart> Raman, I have been experementing with speech servers
    Bart> recently.  cepstral, eflite and also a version of outloud
    Bart> running in a chroot to get around recent libc6
    Bart> incompatibility with viavoice.

    Bart> I also noticed the function in eflite-voices.el that is used
    Bart> to switch to using the eflite server.

    Bart> My question is this.  Why do you require a tcl process to
    Bart> launch the speech servers.  Given that they are executable
    Bart> scripts would it not be possible to simply launch them
    Bart> directly rather than from tcl.  If this was the case then it
    Bart> would be possible to run eflite and other speech servers not
    Bart> written in tcl without special setup.

    Bart> Is there some reason that tcl is necessary that I am not
    Bart> aware of?

    Bart> My other question is does anyone know anything about
    Bart> speechworks version of elequence for linux.  It seems that
    Bart> there is one well at least there is a gnome-speech driver
    Bart> for such a beast.  I haven't been able to find any real info
    Bart> on the net about it though.

    Bart> Perhaps if it exests then the libraries are more up to date
    Bart> than the ibm viavoice ones.

    Bart> Bart

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