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Re: emacspeak away from pc's

    What do other emacspeak users use when away from the pc?

I don't know what people do when not using a personal computer, but I
am running Emacspeak on my pc, which is an IBM Thinkpad running Debian
GNU/Linux.  This laptop is not too big; you should find it relatively
convenient for that reason.  And, of course, you have multiple
consoles, many users can log in, so you can separate your regular work
from system administrative work, you can serve Web pages and other
info, and so forth.  It is a proper machine.

    I work as a physio (physical therapist) and so the notebood-sized
    computer has advantages, since I need to move around at work.

For your purposes, a wearable might be best, as Greg suggested.

Just curious:  is anyone running Emacspeak something other than a pc,
such as an IBM S390 mainframe?  I know you can run GNU Emacs on it,
but I don't know whether the 390 has an audio driver.

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