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question about emacspeak-websearch


I've been struggling with a problem in emacspeak-websearch for a while
now, until I got the time to do what I should have done in the first
place, look at the code. 

The problem is I'm using w3m as a web browser, and the first time I'd
run emacspeak-websearch in a session, it'd suddenly dump me into w3 with
no warning. After looking at the code, I realised that, by default,
emacspeak-websearch *always* comes up in w3 enitially if you have the w3
program, which seems kind of nuts since you *have* to have w3 if you're
web browsing with emacspeak. All I've done so far is comment this piece
of code out in emacspeak-websearch. I know, I know, you're never
supposed to do it that way, but I have no idea how else to override
this. Does anyone have any better ideas? Can it be made a customize
option or something?

Thanks for any help.

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