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Re: emacspeak away from pc's

well, I do most of my work at home sitting out in the patio with a
cordless headset and a $10.0 qwerty keyboard connected by a 60ft wire
--it's wired through the attic.
Wireless keyboards are still surprizing expensive.
>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:

    Tim> I've run emacspeak on Sun and DEC/Compaq alphas (ES40s) witht
    Tim> he sound coming back to my pc. Its been a while, but it
    Tim> worked well when I was doing it.

    Tim> I really like Greg's solution - speech being fed to you from
    Tim> your wearable pc. Combining this with wireless networks and
    Tim> you would have a vary flexible work environment. If you were
    Tim> a student or someone who has to use public/semi-public pc
    Tim> labs, this woud be very nice as you would have the
    Tim> flexibility to use any available pc in the lab. I loke that.
    Tim> When I was a student, there was a specific PC which had the
    Tim> necessary hardware I needed and sometimes, it was difficult
    Tim> to get access to that one PC. Speech fed via the wearable
    Tim> would have provided just the solution needed.

    Tim> Tim
>>>>> "T" == T V Raman <raman@cs.cornell.edu> writes:

    T> You could run emacspeak on something like a mainframe and have
    T> it talk to a speech server running on your laptop or desktop
    T> --haven't done this myself.

    T> But it should work since that is precisely what the ability to
    T> run a remote speech server is designed for -- when working at
    T> home or on the road (connected to the nework)-- I typically use
    T> the home machine or laptop as a thin client to my desktop
    T> workstation that runs a persistent emacspeak session for weeks
    T> on end.>>>>> "Robert" == Robert J Chassell
    T> <bob@rattlesnake.com> writes:

    Robert> What do other emacspeak users use when away from the pc?
 I don't know what people do when not using a personal
    Robert> computer, but I
 am running Emacspeak on my pc, which is
    Robert> an IBM Thinkpad running Debian
 GNU/Linux.  This laptop
    Robert> is not too big; you should find it relatively convenient
    Robert> for that reason.  And, of course, you have multiple
    Robert> consoles, many users can log in, so you can separate your
    Robert> regular work
 from system administrative work, you can
    Robert> serve Web pages and other
 info, and so forth.  It is a
    Robert> proper machine.
 I work as a physio (physical
    Robert> therapist) and so the notebood-sized
 computer has
    Robert> advantages, since I need to move around at work.
    Robert> your purposes, a wearable might be best, as Greg
    Robert> suggested.
 Just curious: is anyone running Emacspeak
    Robert> something other than a pc,
 such as an IBM S390
    Robert> mainframe?  I know you can run GNU Emacs on it,
 but I
    Robert> don't know whether the 390 has an audio driver.
    Robert> Robert J. Chassell Rattlesnake Enterprises
    Robert> http://www.rattlesnake.com GnuPG Key ID: 004B4AC8
    Robert> http://www.teak.cc bob@rattlesnake.com
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