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DECtalk and emacs 21.3

Hi all,

I explain my problem here in order to see if someone else has
encountered the same problem and if so what to do to try to solve it !
I have two partitions on my hard disk. On the first one I have Debian
Woody with emacs 21.2 + emacspeak 18/0 + DECtalk software running
together without any trouble. On the second partition I have debian
testing/unstable with emacs 21.3 + emacspeak + DECtalk software
installed. On this second partition when I launch emacspeak with DECtalk
software, the speech is less responsive than on the first partition, the
speech server crashes more often and when I relaunch it using C-e C-s it
takes approximatly 10 seconds before I can here the speech again ! 
as someone ever encountered the same problem ? do you think it will be
possible that this problem occurs because there's something different in
emacs 21.3 ? Is someone using DECtalk with emacs21.3 without having this
trouble ?
All your help and experiences will be greatly appreciated.
Thx in advance,


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