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New user

Hello all,
I'm new to emacspeak although I have been subscribed to this list before.  Previously, I didn't get very far with emacspeak as I found the apollo to be very slow and I couldn't figure out how to increase the speech rate and w3 just would not work for me.  This time I'm deturmined to get it working to my satisfaction. 
I am hoping to use Emacspeak for word processing, E mail, Web browsing and for basic file browsing.  I believe it has a nice feature for this.
I'm hoping to get it running with a software synth but after reading the INSTRUCTIONS file which came when I installed version 18 I am no closer to doing this.  I tried downloading the files from ftp://people.redhat.com/jlamb but when trying to get the .Tar file I got a message like the server timed out.  I tried downloading it in both windows and linux with the same result.  Can any one tell me where I can get this?
Even though I got really annoyed with it the last time I'm going to try again, Will W3 run in emacspeak now?  I don't remember all the errors I got while trying to install it last time but trust me, there were a lot.  I'll have a look around in a while for an updated version.
Actually, come to think of it, I don't think there will be any more updates to this, am I right?
I want to use VM for E mail.  Pine and Mutt seem very complicated to set up.  What would you suggest?
What will Emacspeak handle in terms of word processing presentations and web design?  I probably didn't ask that very well, are there any good editors for Emacspeak which can help me do these?
Any help will be very appreciated
Waiting in great anticipation!
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