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Some questions before installing emacspeak on a really old compaq.

If you can get linux installed, you should be OK with the rest. How
much memory do you have?

I gather your just going to run at console level (not X windows). The
only problems I can see are

1. May not be able to get a wireless card which is both compatible
with the compaq system and has a Linux driver.

2. Does the system already have an ethernet card? You are probably
   best off going with ethernet rather than trying to get a wireless
   card which will work with the compaq and has a compatible linux

Apart from these two issues, I don't think you will have any
problems running on a console with emacs and the latest version of
emacspeak (released this week). I don't know about the braillenspeak -
but if you have had it working before with emacspeak, I can't see any

I think your main difficulties will be if you need to add hardware -
if the system is from 95, it may only have limited PCI support (if
any) and most new cards etc are PCI - especially wireless stuff. The
other area which may result in "sluggish" behavior is if you have only
64Mb of memory. However, it will probably be OK if you only want to
read mail etc and not do intensive memory hungry stuff.


>>>>> "Sean" == Sean McMahon <smcmahon@usgs.gov> writes:

 Sean> I'd like to get my Pentium 90 running linux and connect to my
 Sean> network on my dsl router.  Here is what I'm stuck with. a
 Sean> Pentium 90 with 800 MB disk space complete with scsi scanner
 Sean> card, Sound Blaster 16/textassist sound card, a Braillelite 40
 Sean> which I've used as the Braille'nspeak speach server in previous
 Sean> versions of emacspeak a cd-rom drive Floppy drive.  Does the
 Sean> type of video card matter?  This machine must connect with my
 Sean> Qwest Acti0ontek 1524 DSL router.  The DSL router can connect
 Sean> via wireless or ethernet.  What version of
 Sean> emacspeak/emacs/linux do you recomment for such a system?  Does
 Sean> your recommended distro have a recommended or not ever
 Sean> recommended, wireless or ethernet card?  Are there special
 Sean> considerations for my dsl modem under linux?  Should I download
 Sean> any firmware/vios updates that might be available for this
 Sean> computer?  My compaq contains no firmware or bios updates and
 Sean> was received by me in 1995.  Thanks Sean

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