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Some questions before installing emacspeak on a really old compaq.

I'd like to get my Pentium 90 running linux and connect to my network on my
dsl router.  Here is what I'm stuck with. a Pentium 90 with 800 MB disk
space complete with scsi scanner card, Sound Blaster 16/textassist sound
card, a Braillelite 40 which I've used as the Braille'nspeak speach server
in previous versions of emacspeak a cd-rom drive Floppy drive.  Does the
type of video card matter?  This machine must connect with my Qwest
Acti0ontek 1524 DSL router.  The DSL router can connect via wireless or
ethernet.  What version of emacspeak/emacs/linux do you recomment for such a
system?  Does your recommended distro have a recommended or not ever
recommended, wireless or ethernet card?  Are there special considerations
for my dsl modem under linux?  Should I download any firmware/vios updates
that might be available for this computer?  My compaq contains no firmware
or bios updates and was received by me in 1995.  Thanks

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