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Install issues Debian-Eflite on Toshiba 1625 CDT

Hello all:

Hugh Esco here, who built the machine for his friend Adam down in
Atlanta.  I had had our group's application server, Biko, available here
at the house, with emacspeak installed, with which to support Adam when
he needed it.  But Biko finally got to functioning enough that it
finally made sense to take it and leave it at the office, down in
Atlanta, two hours away.  Since then I have not had a working
installation of emacspeak at home and too often have had to postpone
Adam's questions until I made another trip down the mountain to Atlanta.

This week, I started rebuilding a Toshiba Satellite 1625 CDT with a
Debian installation.  It had had RH9, which I installed last Summer when
I couldn't find my Bin 1 Debian installation disk.  But it was too
frustrating trying to learn to administer RH9, as well, which seems to
hide things in weird places.  The screen on this notebook is blown and
so although a portable, it still requires that I haul around a monitor
to use it.  Emacspeak seemed a natural for when I was on the road and
didn't have quick access to a monitor.

The installation went smoothly enough and as soon as I built a new
2.4.21 kernel with support for the on-board cs4281 sound chip, sound
started working just fine.  Remembering how easy it was to install
eflite and emacspeak from the apt-get testing archive, I fully expected
the rest would be easy as well.  But when booting up emacspeak, I was
faced with a "Procss Speaker Not Running!" error.

So I started searching the archives of the emacspeak list and came
across a post from Robert Chassell dated last February 13th, entitled
"Re: Problems with eflite, emacspeak, and Debian".  It advised a rewrite
of the /etc/emacspeak.conf file and of the /usr/bin/emacspeak shell
script.  I cut and paste his script straight into my corresponding files
on this machine and tried them out.

But now I'm getting a new kind of error, which looks like elisp errors,
which I'm not familiar with.  So I restore my /usr/bin/emacspeak shell
script from backups, and edit the .conf file to include some additional
environmental variable definitions suggested by Shawn Donaldson, also on
2/13/03, and test it again.
	"Speech Server is Not Running", then
	"Buffer *scratch* has no process."

Then I restore the /usr/bin/emacspeak as suggested by Mr. Chassell.
This time I get an error:
	"Symbol's value as variable is void: \

which may be related to the line wraps in the shell script continued
with the backslash, since everything doesn't fit on one line.

So I work out those issues by collapsing the lines back without using
the trailing backslash.  Save everything and try again.  This time I
again get the errors:
	"Speech Server is Not Running", then
	"Buffer *scratch* has no process."

So I'm now at a loss and don't know what to do next.  Any and all ideas
would be appreciated.

Thanks as always for your kind help.

-- Hugh Esco

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