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Re: Install issues Debian-Eflite on Toshiba 1625 CDT

First, I respectfully offer a suggestion: when raising a question on
the mailing list, try to express it concisely, while providing the
relevant technical details of the problem. The more expertise someone
has, the busier they are likely to be and the less patience they are
likely to have in reading a lengthy discourse explaining the entire
history that led up to whatever your problem is.

Now to the technical issue: work through it methodically. Is flite
installed? Can you run it from the shell? Is the eflite speech server
installed - look under your Emacspeak directory, e.g.,

Does the speech server speak when you run it from the shell? Finally,
does the DTK_PROGRAM environment variable refer correctly to the
speech server when Emacspeak is run?

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