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Installing viavoice

I've downloaded the viavoice 5 package, the STDIO file but during setting the two up I'm having problems.
1, when I type the line
midi_tk | stdiosynth
It won't execute the two files, I get two lines saying something like  bash - no such file or directory.  Their definitly there though as I can type ls -l midi-tk and stdiosynth.  I've also noticed that the permissions are set something like -rwx--x--x I could be rong with that, I'm going from memory.
If I try to go to
and type make I get a lode of errors.
Again, that path is from memory so it could be slightly rong.
the rtk file for viavoice seems to have installed ok but I haven't been able to test it yet.
Any ideas?
Oh by the way, I've noticed that many of the URL's in the emacspeak documentation seem to be rong?

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