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Re: DECtalk Software TTS still mute on this Debian Woody system


I'm using tcl8.3 and tclx 8.3.  My listing of all things tcl on this
machine, as well as the Makefile I used to build the server, are shown
below.  Perhaps I broke something while modifying the Makefile per
your instructions, Nath.


dave@debian:~$ dpkg -l |grep tcl
ii  blt-dev        2.4u-7         Development in blt - a tcl/tk extension libr
ii  itcl3.1        3.1.0-6        [Incr Tcl] OOP Extension for TCL - Run-Time 
ii  itcl3.1-dev    3.1.0-6        [Incr Tcl] OOP Extension for TCL - Developme
ii  libpgtcl       7.2.1-2        Tcl/Tk library and front-end for PostgreSQL.
ii  python-extclas 1.2-5          Improves integration between Python and C++ 
ii  tcl8.3         8.3.3-7        The Tool Command Language (TCL) v8.3 - Run-T
ii  tcl8.3-dev     8.3.3-7        The Tool Command Language (TCL) v8.3 - Devel
ii  tclx8.3        8.3.0-8        Extended Tcl (TclX) version 8.3.0 -- TclX ru

#$Id: Makefile,v 17.0 2002/11/23 01:29:10 raman Exp $
CFLAGS=-g -fpic -I /usr/include/tcl8.3
LIBS=-ltts -ltts_us -ltcl8.3
tcldtk.so: tcldtk.o
	$(CC) $< $(LIBS)  -shared -o $@

	rm tcldtk.so tcldtk.o

Nath writes:
 > Another idea which comes to me : which version of tcl are you running ?
 > To see this you can for example run the following command and read the
 > results :
 > dpkg -l|grep tcl
 > Then, are you sure you have properly modified the Makefile according to
 > the version of tcl you are running ?
 > when you compile the speech server have you consulted the output ? You
 > had no errors ?
 > can you please send us your modified makefile ?
 > Thx,

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