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   And as far as ru_tts is concerned, this engine is a rewrite of
   russian speech driver for Dos platform, which is a copirighted

I don't know what you mean by `copirighted'.  Do mean `copyrighted'
and restricted or do you mean `copyrighted' and with license that
gives you and others the freedom to use, study, copy, modify, and
redistribute the code, as with Emacspeak?

After all, by default, under current international treaties,
everything is copyrighted automatically.  A copyright holder has to
undertake a specific action to place software or other copyrightable
under some license, such as the GPL.

Even what used to be called `public domain' as, in effect, become a
kind of license, since you must specifically state that you, the
copyright holder, are putting the entity into the public domain.  (As
a practical matter, the public domain is rather similar to the BSD
license without the advertising clause.)

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