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eflite turns flakey with Fedora Core 3 (speakup) distro

Hi Mike,
hello emacspeakers,
   I have been using Emacspeak with flite + eflite for the past two
   years. A few days ago I got hold of the "speakup enabled" Fedora
   CDs from cheapbytes. I had been using a Fedora 2 system and the
   discs had FC3, I did an "upgrade" installation.
Since that time, eflite has become rather "touchy": if I interrupt its
   speech it stops for about 5 seconds. This means that one can no
   longer quickly skim through a buffer by using the up/down keys, since if the rendition of a
   line is interrupted a few times emacspeak falls silent. If I wait
   for a few  seconds, then speech resumes. 

Now my flite, eflite are installed under /usr/local --- so these are
not affected by the upgrade. The only change is in emacs.

The earlier installation was from

Now the output of rpm -q emacs gives:

	I remember that when I first upgraded emacs from 21.2 to 21.3
	emacspeak would stop speaking after a few minutes. This was
	due to a bug in eflite-0.3.7 which got fixed in 0.3.8. I am
	wondering if my problem is due to  a bug in eflite-0.3.8 or if
	the trouble lies elsewhere.
Thanks in advance,


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