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Re: update on speech server issue

> if you run dtk-exp from the shell, and at the tcl ("%") prompt you
> issue the commands
> q { This is a test. }
> d
> The string "this is a test." should be spoken, and likewise for any
> other string you supply as argument to the q command. Note that the
> text is only spoken once you issue the d command.

That is correct.  This works on all versions of emacspeak and has always
worked.  There is one difference I noticed when I tried it today...since
the last time I tried this in-detail, I've changed the tcl and tk versions,
and now when I do this test, it still works fine (I can sit there all day
typing messages), but after I issue the "d" command the console prints:

Error: can not find any channel named "file0"

But it still speaks fine.  This happens on any version of emacspeak (the ones
that work and the ones that don't), but I don't think it used to do it back
when I first ran my tests using tcl/tk 8.3.5.  I'm now running 8.4.6 on this
system, but it did not fix the problem.


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