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Re: Using emacspeak with speech-dispatcher

Flite does have a driver which is apparently designed to support ALSA. 
However, I believe it was written for some older version and that the API 
has changed since then.  (I've thought about updating it but haven't taken 
the time to learn how the ALSA API works so that I could figure out what 
needs to be done.)

Flite is able to return a wave buffer, although not in a callback as far 
as I know.  Eflite uses one thread to synthesize the audio and another 
thread to play it using flite's routine to play its audio.  However, if 
any of you want to make it work with ALSA, I would recommend adding the 
support to flite rather than eflite or some other project (except where 
eflite's configure.in and Makefile.in need updating, for instance) so that 
other projects that use flite can take advantage of the update.

-- Michael Gorse / AIM:linvortex / http://mgorse.home.dhs.org --

On Sat, 7 Jan 2006, T. V. Raman wrote:

> To add alsa support to flite, first check that flite doesn't
> already implement alsa support; it well might.
> If it does not, you'll need to:
> A) Get Flite to return wave buffers in a call-back instead of
>   writing them to the audio device
> B) In your callback, write the wave buffers to ALSA --- you can
> see how this is done in file atcleci.cpp in the Emacs CVS
> repository.

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