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Using emacspeak with speech-dispatcher

Hi all,

using emacspeak with eflite, I aim for the following improvements:

1. Use alsa for speech playback.
2. Have languages other than English, especially German in my case.

The first point is the more important one for me. I looked around and
believe that speech-dispatcher is the most promising way to attack
these goals. One advantage of this solution is that flite can be used
for English and festival for other languages, so one can still benefit
from the good performance of flite. 

What is the best way to connect emacspeak to speech-dispatcher? Are
there existing solutions? I am considering writing something similar to
eflite that implements the emacspeak speech server interface and talks
via speech-dispatcher. Another way would be to make emacs connect to
speech-dispatcher directly via SSIP.

The advantage of the external solution would be that it does not
require any changes to emacspeak to achieve the first of the above
goals and that it could also be used with other programs like yasr
that support the emacspeak speech interface.

As far as I can tell, multi-language support would require extensions
to emacspeak in both approaches.

Does anyone have some thoughts or suggestions? Is speech-dispatcher
the way to go?


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