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ViaVoice, Debian, Alsa

Hi All,

This is just mainly an informative FYI post. Today, I obtained the rte for IBM's ViaVoice on Debian and am very pleased to report
I'm running it fine and its wonderful to have the great Viavoice TTS
back again under Linux - its certainly a lot more stable than the
software DECTalk - in fact, it has not failed on me all afternoon. 

At the moment, I'm only running it via the alsa OSS emulation
layer. This is because I have not been able to get the alsa version to
compile under Debian Etch. Something seems to have possibly changed
with Alsa in that there is no asoundlib.h file in the headers which
come with the 2.6.12 kernel I'm running. As yet, I've not tracked this
down to anything in particular and will obviously have to do a bit of

Raman, if you see this message, can you let me know what version of
alsa you compiled agains. Also, can you let me know what version of
g++ you used. 


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