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Debian and Emacs W3

Hi All,

This is a question for other Debian users, especially those running
Etch. A week or so ago, Debian released updated w3 packages which
included a few patches (these seem to be the ones I was referring to
in an earlier e-mail back last month). I now find emacs w3 seems to be
working a lot more reliably and is quite usable again. 

There is just one irritating issue which I wonder if any other w3
users have come across. As I still have a little vision, which is very
sensitive to light, I like to set all my backgrounds to black with
light foregrounds. I cannot read the screen, but find this useful
sometimes as another cue as to what is going on. I've been using my
own modified w3 style sheet for years and its always worked really
nicely. However, I now find that on some pages, I get black
backgrounds with black foregrounds. When I check the list of faces
defined, I find that w3 seems to be generating new faces 'on the fly'
and these faces are being defined with foregrounds and backgrounds
which are the same colour. I've had a quick look at the sources and it
looks like there is some default variable settings that are
missing. I'm quite happy to dig down into the sources to try and work
out what is going on, but thought I'd just see if anyone else had
observed the same behavior and had possibly already done the grunt
work. So, if you have found the same thing and ahve already tracked
down the problem, please let me know.

For those of you running Debian Etch who have not tried w3 for a
while, I would suggest giving it another try. It still has
limitations, but its integration with emacspeak is still the best
solution. I do expect to still use w3m from time to time, but am going
to try and use w3 again more often. 

The only really irritating thing missing from w3 is a bookmarks
feature - when I try to use bookmarks, it tells me this feature is not
implemented yet - which is puzzling as it certainly use to be there.


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