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ibm tts run-time engine purchasing alternatives

Hello fellow emacspeakers,
I have been looking around for alternative places to purchase the
run-time engine for the ibm tts.  The only site that seems to mention
these, not in bulk, is the ttsynth site at http://www.ttsynth.com/.  I
have called and left messages, and I have emailed them at info and
sales, but have yet to get an answer.  

I hope they are reading this list.  What kind of business would say that
something will be available at a certain time and, when that time
passes, not update their site to reflect this.  In addition, I think it
is very bad for business to not return queries for information when it
means a sale.  I am prepared to buy, and I have made that point very
clear.   however, if this is the kind of service that I would get if, I
were to need something else after the initial purchase, unless they are
the only ones that I can get it from, I will be sending my money

So, what I am looking for are alternatives for the purchase of the files
necessary for a complete run-time environment with American English
language support.  If anyone has information concerning where to find
these files, please post to this list.  I am not the only one
interested, unless I am the only one that has yet to get the software.

Gilles, I cc you on this because I was not sure you would read it if it
was only on the list.  I do not know what was involved in your
distrobution agreement, but if you can sell me this software, I am
interested in buying from you.

Thanks for any help, and for allowing me to vent,


Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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