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running Emacspeak speech servers without a tcl interpreter

P.S. specifically, here are the tclx calls (from memory) that
Emacspeak uses -- and that are not (or were not) present in


>>>>> "James" == James R Van Zandt <jrvz@comcast.net> writes:
    James> Under Debian, Emacspeak depends on the tclx8.3
    James> package, which supplies the interpreter /usr/bin/tcl.
    James> The Debian tclx maintainer has packaged version 8.4,
    James> but (as the tclx README file says):
    James>   TclX 8.4 differs from its predecessors in that it is
    James> based more on the idea of TclX as an extension to Tcl,
    James> and not an alternate environment.  There is no TkX and
    James> no stand-alone shells are built.
    James> That is, it does not supply /usr/bin/tcl.  He
    James> recommends that
    James>    #!/usr/bin/tcl
    James> at the beginning of a script be replaced with
    James>    #!/usr/bin/tclsh package require Tclx
    James> He writes:
    >> I have always done this in my programs and it must work if
    >> Tcl and Tclx are installed correctly. You can try this
    >> test program:
    >> !/usr/bin/tclsh package require Tclx puts [infox version]
    >> it should print 8.4.0 or something like that.
    James> The test program works fine here.  However, tclsh does
    James> not work with emacspeak.  I can demonstrate this
    James> running a server standalone, without emacs:
    James> echo "s q {hello world} d " | ./doubletalk
    James> This works with tcl but segfaults with tclsh.
    James> Unfortunately, the Debian maintainer can't run this
    James> test because he lacks the Doubletalk hardware.  I will
    James> try to build a test program that doesn't require
    James> special hardware.
    James> In the mean time, does anyone know a way to get tclsh
    James> to support Emacspeak?
    James>             - Jim Van Zandt
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