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running Emacspeak speech servers without a tcl interpreter

Under Debian, Emacspeak depends on the tclx8.3 package, which supplies
the interpreter /usr/bin/tcl.  The Debian tclx maintainer has packaged
version 8.4, but (as the tclx README file says):

  TclX 8.4 differs from its predecessors in that it is based more on
  the idea of TclX as an extension to Tcl, and not an alternate
  environment.  There is no TkX and no stand-alone shells are

That is, it does not supply /usr/bin/tcl.  He recommends that 

at the beginning of a script be replaced with
   package require Tclx

He writes:
> I have always done this in my programs and it must work if Tcl
> and Tclx are installed correctly. You can try this test program:
> !/usr/bin/tclsh
> package require Tclx
> puts [infox version]
> it should print 8.4.0 or something like that.

The test program works fine here.  However, tclsh does not work with
emacspeak.  I can demonstrate this running a server standalone,
without emacs:

echo "s
q {hello world}
" | ./doubletalk

This works with tcl but segfaults with tclsh.

Unfortunately, the Debian maintainer can't run this test because he
lacks the Doubletalk hardware.  I will try to build a test program
that doesn't require special hardware.

In the mean time, does anyone know a way to get tclsh to support

            - Jim Van Zandt

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