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rfc on voices tutorial [long]

Hello Robert,

Thanks for your newbies' tutorial on customizing  the ViaVoice tts. In
your preamble you write:

"Also, it is beyond the scope of this document to explain how to install
emacs, emacspeak, via voice, or any other software involved in getting
your computer up and running with a spoken interface. Those things are
explained quite well elsewhere."

I would like to know where I can find out about the installation of
the ViaVoice tts: in particular, is it the $40 offering which was
posted on the list sometime ago? I have seen several letters
describing problems installing it on debian systems. But don't recall
anyone reporting a succesful installation on a Fedora Core 3
system. Are there any booby traps lurking there for novices like
myself? (I did succesfully compile flite and eflite and have been
using Emacspeak for several years. But I DO NOT understand code.) 

Any pointers would be a great help.

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